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Calls for a National Mental Health Inquiry


Re: Calls for a National Mental Health Inquiry

Yep. @greenpea

Less money for the fraud squad re NDIS and more money to get the Mental health system actually working.

Re: Calls for a National Mental Health Inquiry

A National Mental Health Services inquiry is far overdue. 

Labour also promised a Royal Commission into Mental Health Seevices and they promised to implement every single recommendation given for that if they would be elected. 

I excitedly spoke with a psychiatrist at Melbourne Clinic about this earlier this year. Her response was far less excited, even hopeless. She said she has read and held so many reports detailing exactly what needs to change in mental health services in Australia, and not once has one recommendation been implemented. 

My tune is let's keep asking, let's keep pushing when a way presents itself to us, let's keep signing petitions and dropping our Parliamemt representatives a letter. Eventually an inquiry will be done which actually gets some of its recommendations implemented. The more talk there is the closer we get to that. Right?


Re: Calls for a National Mental Health Inquiry

Click on this website link:

Submissions are now open

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System is now accepting submissions.

The terms of reference for the Commission ask us to consider some important themes relating to Victoria's mental health system. We would like to hear from you on the terms of reference.

There are two ways to make a submission to the Commission:

  • provide a formal submission by uploading or sending a written, audio or video submission (including any supporting documents) in response to 11 key questions relating to the Commission's terms of reference. You can choose to respond to some or all of the questions.
  • share brief comments in response to five key questions relating to the Commission's terms of reference. You can choose to respond to some or all of the questions.

Whether you are living with mental illness, caring for a loved one, working in the sector or just have a general interest in mental health – the Commission wants to hear your views and ideas for change.

If you want to attach any written, video or audio attachments, you will need to complete a formal submission.

This is the Commission’s first call for submissions. The Commission will also cover other important themes throughout its term, in line with the terms of reference.


To help us focus on the areas that matter most to the Victorian community, the Commission also encourages you to put forward any areas or ideas that you consider should be explored further at the end of your submission.


All brief comments and formal submissions will inform the Commission's reports.

Link opens in new window. 
Formal submissions are open until 5 July 2019.

Link opens in new window.
Brief comments will be open until 20 May 2019.

  Which submission format should I use?

You are welcome to make multiple submissions to the Commission - in either or both submission formats.

If you wish to upload any file or document, including a written document, audio or video file or supporting document, you need to make a formal submission.

If you do not wish to upload any files, providing brief comments may be an easier way to share a short idea or statement about how to improve Victoria's mental health system.


How should I structure my formal submission?

The Commission has outlined 11 key questions to support the preparation of a formal written, audio or video submission. You can respond to all or some of these questions in your formal submission.


When will submissions close?

Formal submissions will be accepted until 5 July 2019.

Brief comments will be accepted until 20 May 2019.


How do I make a formal submission?

The preferred method of making a formal submission is using the online form.

You can also send a formal submission to the Commission by post:

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System
PO Box 12079
A'Beckett Street 

Please download and include a completed Formal Submission Cover Sheet with any submission sent by post.

If you would like to contribute and require assistance to do so, please contact the Commission on 1800 00 11 34.

Download - Formal Submissions cover sheet
Formal Submissions cover sheet
MS Word (84.74 KB)

Re: Calls for a National Mental Health Inquiry

The Producitivity Commission is running an inquiry into Mental Health at the moment:


They have released a broad ranging issues paper:  (including the question on how to improve support for carers) and received many submissions - from care organisations bul also carers and lived experience....

I urge us to follow up on whether the draft report expected later this year responds to the submissions appropriately....


The date for submissions is closed, but comments can still be made:

For urgent assistance, call: