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Email notification preferences

Hi @Lauz@s-jay and everyone.

I've started trying to help a fairly recent member through the process of changing email notifications in their settings. He was becoming overwhelmed by the number of notifications he was receiving by email. The default settings for email notifications had so annoyed and overwhelmed him that it almost got to the point of him leave the forum entirely.

These default settings for email notifications have actually been a long term problem with the forum for years. I remember as a new member being annoyed to a massive extent also, before finding out how to get them under control. That took a while to get a handle on, even though I have excellent computer skills.

Because of this, and the very real possibility that we have lost members because of this initial overwhelm of emails, I wanted to suggest that the default settings for email notifications be changed.

I'd suggest the default settings be changed to send emails only when a member is tagged, or their posts have been 'supported'. In the instance that a member wants to be notified of more than that (mostly unlikely, I think), they can of course change their settings accordingly.

The way the default email notification settings are now, was more appropriate in early times when there was a much smaller group of members and the forum was just getting started. The way it is now, with a massively greater number of members, posts and discussions, I think these defaults really need to be changed so as not to flood members' inboxes with SANE forum. I think that's the opposite of helpful, and can even be quite distressing.

Looking forward to hearing what others think of this, and what your perspective might be, @s-jay and @Lauz.

Cheers, Maz Smiley Happy


Re: Email notification preferences

Fair point Maz I'll look into what is possible.

Re: Email notification preferences

I receive lots of notifications via email and the amount of time it takes to delete them all is forever. I too at the beginning was totally overwhelmed by the amount of emails I was receiving @Mazarita@s-jay

Re: Email notification preferences

Hi @BlueBay, just in case you have not yet changed your email notification settings to reduce the number of emails you receive, I have given step by step instructions on how to do it in this post to another member:

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance with this, and I'll do my best to help. Smiley Happy

Re: Email notification preferences

Thsnks @Mazarita I’ll go snd check. Thsnks fir I instructions xx

Re: Email notification preferences

It's good that this issue was timely solved. Although, sometimes notification problems can occur because of malware or when you leave your data on suspicious webpages. To prevent it, it's better to get an antivirus. I myself was choosing between bitdefender vs avast but I bet there are more options.

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