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MAY: Community Wrap

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Hello to those that wanted a reminder that we have a new community wrap up! @Queenie @Pepsimax @outlander @Sans911 @Gypsy74 @frog @Teej @Appleblossom @Former-Member @CheerBear @Mazarita @greenpea

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handclapping.pngCelebrate a member
This month we wanted to celebrate @Silenus. Members may know of the thread they started quite some time ago called Writing as a form of therapy. This thread has been a great place for many in the community and you also continue to keep it running - thank you for sharing your creativity! 
party.pngForum events to take part in next month
spotlight.pngSpotlight on: 
We have a new feature up and running this week called Service Spotlight. This highlights a member of staff here at SANE Australia and the program they run. It is a Q&A giving members the opportunity to ask any questions about the program featured and respond to a question that is put out to the community by the program lead.
This week we have @NatR discussing the Peer Ambassadors Program! Head over here and post a question or comment you might have! 
quote.pngQuote of the month
When I was having trouble communicating with health professionals, I got a trusted family member to come with me. We discussed what I needed to say before hand and made a deal that if I couldn't, my support person would speak for me. - said by @frog here
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