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New Contributor

PTSD Recovery?

Hi - this is my first time posting something here 
My girlfriend has complex PTSD and while I don't really think of myself as her carer I hoped that this would be a good place to get some advice anyway.


She is actually doing quite well at the moment from what I can tell - but something that scares me is that when she has been doing badly in the past and I've tried to be hopeful she has said that she doesn't think people really ever recover from PTSD. This is a very daunting prospect because we are both quite young (in our 20s) and the relationship is still relatively new. (Her diagnosis is also relatively new as well) But I do really hope that we will be together for a long time - so a big part of me is really hoping that her mental illness will not be as big a part of my life as it is now in the future. I was hoping that someone here would be able to tell me if they have had any experiences of seeing a loved one really live a full life with PTSD. 


I do understand that this is something that will always have an impact on her life in terms of being a very defining experience that she has had - but I am just hoping that she is not destined to suffer, like what I have seen so far, forever. 


Thanks for reading this & hopefully thank you to whoever is willing to reply 


Re: PTSD Recovery?

hi @jsuskeo and welcome
Like your partner i have complex ptsd myself and im in my early 20s. Unfortunatley ptsd is still a big part of my life however since i started some counselling and learning how to cope with things such as my triggers, flashbacks, and my emotions and memories associated with my ptsd i have been able to take more positive steps forward in living a more 'normal' life.
to be honest im not sure if a ptsd ever fully leaves our memories but over time it doesnt have to rule the roost so to speak.

Can i ask if she has supports in place like her gp, psychiatrist (if shes on medications) and a psychologist? along with friends and family that she can be around as well to keep that sense of normality as well?

Re: PTSD Recovery?

Welcome to the forum @jsuskeo and thank you for sharing. Having a strong support network is important for recovery, so you are an incredible partner for coming here seeking help and understanding of the diagnosis. As you can see from @outlander's response, we have people with living experience of PTSD, as well as carers of those with PTSD, and they will be able to help you with any questions you may have. 


Additionally, as a partner of someone living with PTSD, you need to ensure that you are looking after yourself. Do you have friends/family that you can also talk to?

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