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New Contributor

Compensation Rights

Hello all, Thank you for all the great posts in these forums, it is certainly helping me. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience similar to mine? My wife was involved in a car crash, not her fault. She wasn't badly injured physically, and the incident passed quickly. I have noticed however a steady decline in her mental health since the accident. At first it was just her being nervous to drive the car again, but now it is nervous about everything, she want's to give up her job but I just don't know how we will survive on one income. So I am thinking compensation could help? Has anyone here had any luck with applying for compensation from insurance? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.


Re: Compensation Rights

Hey @Mancow , 


I can see you are new to the forums, so welcome and thank you so much for sharing your story. 


I am a moderator here at sane, i just wanted to let you know that the Community Guidelines do prohibit users from giving financial or professional advise unfortunately. 


I hope that you do continue to use the forums and find them helpful. 


All the best, 




Re: Compensation Rights

oh, ok...sorry about that...serves me right for just scanning the guidlines


Re: Compensation Rights

Hi @Mancow,


Not a problem - it can take time to get across the guidelines and get used to them! You can still explore the feelings you and your wife have been going through around this here, members just can't speak directly to your request for advice on compensation/financial advice as @Turquoise mentioned ☺️


Has your wife accessed any mental health services to help her through this time to maybe work through the nervousness that has arisen since the accident? They might also have some helpful advice around compensation. Trauma can have such a big impact on our wellbeing as many of us in the forums know. Sounds like a tough time, keep reaching out here for support!


Re: Compensation Rights

Hi @Mancow 

It is difficult when the mental health of our loved ones takes a nose dive.  Whether short or long term there can be financial implications which can then add to  stress levels. (Some people do have disability insurance with their super which can be of help in these situations.)  Taking a cold hard look at expenditure can be an eye opener, it allows you to work out ways you can save and perhaps cut back on unnecessary expenses.

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