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  • Topic : Our stories
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Hi @Zoe7


Yes - I want to hear other people's stories too - so that is fine that you posted on my thread - as we write our stories weave their way together - something @Faith-and-Hope wrote - the words run into sentences and the sentences into paragraphs and then to the stories and the strands bind together and we hold each other up


I have to see my pain specialist in a few weeks - and she thinks I am so much better than I am - this bothers me because I do cope better since my mother died and I walk better since I got the right shoes from Athletes Foot and this is good but I feel angry and frustrated with her - but it's complicated to try and find a different specialist and at least this one is not expected me to try again what has already been tried and failed


Yes - and as I am writing I remember that the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre where my son died is going to be closed because the inmates there are wrecking it. Where will the kids there go? How can they control youths who are vandalistic - and have SH and can be violent


I didn't want to think about this but it really bothers me - I did a lot in the past to have the old buildings torn down - and now 30 years later this has all fallen apart - because who can control young men like that?


It was triggered yesterday but forgot about it


Yes - please tell your story - I am really interested - I know you don't think you are special but I think you are - and you are about the same age as my son would have been and therefore the same age as my daughter - you are special to me


My computer needs to reboot now but I will be back soon



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