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MAY: Community Wrap

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Hello to those that wanted a reminder that we have a new community wrap up! @Darcy @Bella1978

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handclapping.pngCelebrate a member
This month we celebrate @chaos - your responses to members have been very empowering and encouraging and you have multiple times connected people to useful resources such as here. This is really fantastic to see!
party.pngForum events to take part in next month
spotlight.pngSpotlight on: 
We have a new feature up and running this week called Service Spotlight. This highlights a member of staff here at SANE Australia and the program they run. It is a Q&A giving members the opportunity to ask any questions about the program featured and respond to a question that is put out to the community by the program lead.
This week we have @NatR discussing the Peer Ambassadors Program! Head over here and post a question or comment you might have! 
quote.pngQuote of the month
I think you are doing everything you can for your son and you need to spend some time on yourself. I know this is hard, I was there, but please take time out for yourself, and with your husband. - said by @znp here
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